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All people need a place where they feel best. We have found the place where we feel at home and feel best in Csinód lying in the Úz Valley that belongs to Székelyföld. This place can be found in Transylvania, the central part of Romania, at the Eastern Carpathians bend, covered with dense pine forests.


The brook valleys and hill ridges taken away from the pine forests are populated by 100 families of Hungarian nationality. The local people living at these alpine farms really lead a natural way of life. The introduction of electric current reached Csinód, Egerszék and Lesőd only in 2000, and the modernization of the forestry road leading here has only recently started. The Úz Valley is Central-Europe’s most mysterious geographical and ethnographical region. This land is like a living village museum!


Here we can get the best rest, refresh, purify, think, make plans, create, pray and count our blessings ...


We moved out here to the alpine mountain in 2011. Until then we had only been weekend inhabitants of this wonderful world of farms, but now we feel that we live our lives to the fullest. We have gone back in time at least half a century, and many times it seems as if we have become fairy creatures.


We wish to show this world to as many people as possible.


Welcome to the Úz Valley!

Nagy Balázs és Erika



Hungarian Military Cemetery

Military Cemetery


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